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315 Deal

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Money_Back_Seal Tap Dance Workout Video

Complete 315 Tap Dictionary

Tap Dance Workout Video

Practice 315

Easy to follow video breakdowns of 315 tap steps with written notes.

Confidence in knowing all your steps, the counts, and doing them the right way.

315 practice exercise combinations with easy to follow video breakdowns.

A fun way to work on your skills that will strengthen your body and sharpen you mind!

Purchased separately this would cost: $95 (Digital) or $135 (DVD)

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Digital Format

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You Save 26%

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Practice 315 Practice Exercise Combinations Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus

You get video breakdowns of 315 tap steps and 315 practice combinations (one for each step in the dictionary) plus written notes (syllabus) including counts.

For the dictionary/syllabus each video shows how to do a specific step as well as the alternate names and counts. All steps are filmed from the back so it’s like you’re right there in the room with the teacher. You get 2 sets of written notes - one in alphabetical order and the other in teaching/learning order (that’s the syllabus).

For the Practice 315 each video breaks down a short (usually 32 counts) practice combination from behind and all the videos are organized by level (7 different levels) so you’ll always have just the right level of difficulty. These practice combinations will help you improve your skill which will lead to much greater enjoyment of your tap dancing. The better you get, the more fun you’ll have!

This 315 Deal is your guiding star for your tap dance journey as a student or teacher.

You’ll have a full library of steps at your fingertips any time you need them and the notes organize them both alphabetically and even better in actually teaching/learning order! So you know what to teach/learn first, second and so on.

Then when it’s time to practice each of those steps you’ll have a fun practice exercise combination all ready to go at the correct level for the step you just learned/taught.

It’s a winning combination that gives your tap dance experience the structure you need.

It’s so easy to get in a rut and keep doing the steps and patterns over and over. Well now you can break free with both new steps and new combinations to breathe new life into your tap dancing. Having new steps and combos on hand is so convenient and inspiring you’ll find yourself tap dancing even longer just to try out more new material.

When you know exactly how to do/teach all of the steps for a given level your confidence level will soar. Others will be impressed with both your knowledge and skill and you’ll feel great being able to help other tap dancers get better.

You never need to guess what you should learn/teach next. The notes come in both alphabetical and syllabus order. The syllabus leads you through a logical and structured progression of tap steps, each building on the ones before it. You’ll never be shown a complicated tap step without first being shown the simpler steps that comprise it.

You’ll learn alternate names for steps as well as the counts - this helps tap dancers succeed no matter who they take class from and reflects well on their teachers.

Written notes make it even faster to find and review a step or combination than having videos (but you’ll still have the videos when you need them).

Join the more than 5000 people who have experienced the joy of tap dancing with Rod’s videos!


Level 1 Step - Cramp Roll

Level 4 Step - Double Traveling Time Step

Level 7 Step - Buffalo Scuffle


Level 1 Practice Exercise - Irish

Level 4 Practice Exercise - Waltz Clog Pullback

Level 7 Practice Exercise - Irish Pullback Heel Flap Heel

I am beyond pleased with the 315 bundle...The syllabus makes me feel confident knowing that my students are learning all the right benchmarks...The video quality is great, your instruction is always clear, and you make it easy to follow along...I am all around impressed, thank you for providing such a reliable, high quality service at a steal of a price.

- Whitney from the USA

Buy Now & Get FREE Shipping in the USA - Downloads are immediate.

Shipping: USA: 1-2 weeks, Outside USA: 2-4 weeks ($20 extra)


$94.99 $70

Digital Format

(Download & Streaming)

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format $134.99 $100

You Save 26%

You Save 26%


I’m so excited for you to have all this content at your fingertips. It’s so helpful and convenient. If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please email me at rod@unitedtaps.com or call 1-888-210-1075.


Video breakdowns of 315 tap steps plus 315 practice combinations.

Never be lost or confused again!

No tap dance ruts here!

Increase your tap dance confidence!

The written notes are like having an expert by your side!

Many others just like you have loved the 315 Deal!

You buy it, you own it - no monthly subscriptions.

If you lose or delete your content, we’ll replace it for FREE!

You can download the videos and watch them without an internet connection.

Lifetime ownership.

This is your moment!

NOTE : The written notes are only available via PDF download (which you can then print if you like).








STREAMING INFO: We offer all our streaming through Vimeo. To access the streams, you’ll need to set up a free account with Vimeo.

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If you have a problem contact me at rod@unitedtaps.com or 1-888-210-1075. I will solve it to your satisfaction or refund you!





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