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1. For the budget conscious - start with Beginner Lessons 1-12.

2. For those who want a complete tap experience, get the Large Beginner Bundle. It saves you a good chunk of money and that Tap Dictionary/Syllabus will be used for years to come.

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If you’ve never tapped before, or it’s been so long you’ve forgotten most of what you learned, we’ve created a buying guide for you that let’s you know which products are:

1. Essential - You can’t skip these as they’re the basis for everything you do in tap dance.

2. Helpful - These can really help your tapping, but you can skip them if you need to.

3. Optional - These are nice to have but not necessary.

5. Best Deals - Everyone likes to get the most content for the least amount of money. These products are our best deals.

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Beginner Lessons Series

(12 Lessons)

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1. Beginner Lessons 1-12 - This is absolutely where you should start. This teaches you beginning steps slowly and clearly and then puts them together into short combinations (sort of like 20-40 second dances). It’s an amazing deal giving you 12 hours of tapping and building a strong tap foundation for years to come!

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Tap Workout Level 1

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2. Tap Dance Workout Level 1 -  If you want some extra practice on all those steps you learned in Beginner Lessons 1-12, or you want to get into better shape (or both!) the Tap Dance Workout Level 1 is a great addition. You still need to do the lessons first so you know all the steps, because the Tap Dance Workout Level 1 doesn’t explain the steps (that’s what the lessons are for) it just goes through them non-stop with music and puts the steps into simple patterns. This is a fun cardio-intensive way to practice your tapping!

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Original Music Bundle

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3. Original Music Bundle -  If you want to practice or perform those combinations you learned in Beginner Lessons 1-12 you’ll want to get the music used in the lessons. Fortunately you can! The Original Music Bundle has all the music used in the lessons and a cool sounding acapella track to boot!

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Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus

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4. Complete 315 Tap Dictionary/Syllabus -  This is the ultimate tap dance reference. It includes video breakdowns of every step we teach in all levels (all 315 of them). So how is it beneficial for a beginner? I’m glad you asked!

First of all it’s a great tool if you ever need to quickly and easily look up a step you have forgotten how to do. Let’s say you’re on lesson 8 in the Beginner Lessons 1-12 series and in the combination is a step from lesson 3 that you’ve forgotten how to do. Now you could go back to lesson 3 and scan through the video and find the explanation of that step, or if you have the Tap Dictionary/Syllabus you can go directly to a quick video breakdown of that step in a few seconds.

It’s also a great tool tool for practicing. All the steps are broken down by level, so you can go through all the level 1 steps to make sure you know how to do each one. If you can’t remember one, just play the video and you’re good to go!

Finally you may want to peek ahead at what’s to come in level 2. Or maybe you just want to learn some different steps than what’s taught in our Beginner Lessons 1-12. Or maybe you want see just how crazy hard some of the level 7 steps are (very, very hard). With the Tap Dictionary/Syllabus you can do all of that!

This is and always has been our most popular product!

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Djemborita Beginner Choreography

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5. Djemborita Beginner Choreography -  If you want a complete dance with music that you can perform anywhere, this is for you. It even includes arm and head movements. The dance is about 2 minutes and 20 seconds long and is taught slowly and clearly so anyone can learn it. This is our easiest routine so I recommend it for all beginners. It’s a lot of fun and is a great challenge for your mind as well as your body - you have to remember all the steps in the dance in order and execute them to the music! It’s really a lot of fun and is an excellent showcase for all the skills you’ve been working on.

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Large Beginner Bundle

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Large Beginner Bundle - If you want all 5 of the items above, you can save some money by buying them together in our Large Beginner Bundle. We’ll even throw in our super helpful 3 Tap Guides: How to Choose Tap Shoes, How to Choose a Tap Floor, How to Choose a Studio to Tap At for FREE.

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Best Deal

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