So how does this work? To start with, you get videos of 315 different tap steps (plus 6 bonus steps). Each step gets its own video with a slow clear breakdown explaining how to do it on the right and left sides where applicable (bonus steps are only shown on one side due to their extreme difficulty). You’ll also see each step demonstrated faster so you have something to strive for. In addition to all that you’ll get 2 PDFs with the steps and counts written out. Let me tell you, you just can’t beat having a resource like this at your fingertips.

So is it an app? No it’s not, it’s a collection of 315 videos (plus 6 bonus videos). The good news is this means you can use it on ANY device - iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Mac, etc. And not just one device mind you, ALL of your devices. There’s no copy protection - we trust you:)

So what do we mean by syllabus? Well all 315 steps are split into 7 different levels from easiest to hardest. So if you’re just starting out you’ll easily be able to find all the level 1 steps. On the other hand if you’re looking for more challenging moves you can jump right into level 7!

Are the steps written out? Yes they are and the counts are too! The written explanations are only available via PDF download (which you can then print).

Is it good for tap teachers? Tap teachers LOVE IT! It’s so great to just check what steps your classes haven’t learned yet and work them into the next lesson. And if you’ve got some advanced tappers they will LOVE the many challenging level 7 steps not to mention the brand new steps they’ve never even seen!

Is it good for tap students? It’s AMAZING for tap students. Especially if you’re trying to catch up to the rest of the class or if your previous teacher forgot to teach you some steps. Not only will it catch you up, it can even help you look ahead and see what steps you’ll be learning next.

Should I buy this? We think you’ll be thrilled with the Complete 315 Dictionary & Syllabus and we even offer a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. In fact look at what some of our other customers had to say below.


“I must say that if I didn't see some of the steps you did with my own eyes, I would never believe anyone could do them. I've been looking at Tap videos for 1-1/2 years now an have never seen such difficult steps performed or explained.

- Dave from the USA

“I purchased your Dictionary and I absolutely love it. It's such a perfect idea because it's concise, to the point, and very well organized. Being a teacher myself, I appreciate your step by step teaching method.”

- Maria from the USA







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Level 1 Step - Cramp Roll

Level 4 Step - Double Traveling Time Step

Level 7 Step - Buffalo Scuffle

Video demonstrations of 315 tap steps.

PDF files with the steps, definitions, & counts written out.

Videos organized alphabetically & by difficulty (syllabus).

Great tap resource & great exercise.


Complete 315 Tap Dance Dictionary


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Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus

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