This is the ultimate beginner package that will bring you nearly 20 hours of tapping fun and enjoyable exercise. You’ll learn 37 different tap steps, and put them together into 16 different combinations. The workout video will run you through all the steps you’ve learned in an action-packed non-stop tap dance marathon (that’s what it will feel like anyway - in a good way of course!).    

You’ll get all the music used in the lessons so you can practice your steps and combinations without the video if you want to.  

You’ll get our complete Djemborita beginner choreography broken down slowly and clearly along with the edited music at 4 different speeds so you can adjust it to your preferred pace.

Don’t forget our HUGE tap dance dictionary & syllabus with video demonstrations of 280 different tap steps as well as 2 PDFs with all the steps written out along with their counts. The dictionary PDF has the steps arranged in alphabetical order and the Syllabus PDF has them arranged according to difficulty level. This is a must-have resource for any tapper!

The best part of all this great material is that you can put all the content on as many devices as you like!  Watch and listen on your phone, tablet, computer, and TV!  

We’re even going to throw in our 3 tap guides (PDF) to help you choose the best tap shoes, tap floor, and tap studio for you!

You’ll have such a good time tapping, and it will also keep your body fit and your mind sharp!

All material is taught by professional tap teacher and choreographer Rod Howell. Rod makes tap dancing easy and fun.  


“This is simply the very best tap instruction that I have been exposed to. I have never taken a live class (I am 62 years old and have never lived in a place where they had lessons for adults!) but I do have four other videos and yours are by far the best! The lessons are clear and easy to understand with enough repetition so that I can get it. I like that you explain and show some mistakes that beginners typically make so they can be avoided (like in brushes).

I like your cheerful and enthusiastic approach, encouraging us in proper technique and in developing speed. I love the music, it is so much fun and makes it easy to "dance" the steps. I especially like that the music has different "speeds" so I can dance music that is at a pace that allows me to progress as I get better.

I love that you seem so happy while teaching, it is contagious! I tell all my friends that they should learn to tap because I think it is impossible to tap and NOT be happy!! It just puts a smile on your face. Plus I feel like I am getting lighter on my feet and developing better balance, both good things.

The quality of everything, the training, the DVDs, the music are all superb and I thank you for providing such a high quality product and program. In short I couldn't possible be more pleased with my purchase!!

Thank you!!!”

- Karen from the USA  






STREAMING INFO: We offer all our streaming through Vimeo. To access the streams, you’ll need to set up a free account with Vimeo (just like Youtube or iTunes) and enter the access code you receive with your purchase.

To swap the dictionary & syllabus for an additional routine: determine which routine you want from our choreography options and type its name in the “Comments or Special Instructions” section of the check out process (see pic below). We have to do the swap manually so it may take up to 24hrs to get it.

Type routine/choreography name here during checkout

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Tap Dance Workout Video Beginner Tap Dance Lessons

Over 12 HOURS of exciting tap dance lessons!

Learn 37 tap steps and 16 fun combinations.

PDF Notes of all steps & counts.

12 Beginner Lessons

A thrilling 22 minute non-stop tap dance workout.

Works all steps from our Beginner Lessons.

3 different video speeds.

Tap Dance Workout Video

Complete Beginner Choreography

Video of a beginner routine demonstrated in detail.

PDF notes of the steps and counts.

The music included at 4 different speeds.

All Music From The Lessons

26 original songs & 11 remixes.

A variety of styles and tempos.

All the music from our Beginner Lessons.

3 Tap Guides (PDF Only )

Choosing the best floor for your personal situation.

Vital info about tap shoe fit.

Choosing the best tap studio for your personal situation.

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Shipping: USA: 1-2 weeks, Outside USA: 2-4 weeks ($20 extra)


What is streaming?

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Tap Dance Dictionary*

Video demonstrations of 315 tap steps.

Steps, definitions, & counts all written out.

Videos organized alphabetically & by difficulty (syllabus).

*You can swap this out for choreography  if you already have it.


Beginner Tap Dance Workout





315 Deal


Music Deals Buy Beginner Tap Dance Lessons 1-12 Buy Tap Dance Workout Video Level 1 Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus Djemborita Beginner Tap Dance Choreography Original Music Deal 3 Tap Guides

Purchased separately this would cost: $139.99 (Digital) or 219.99 (DVD)

Advanced Beginner Tap Dance Deals Intermediate Tap Dance Deals Intermediate-Advanced Tap Dance Deals

Streaming via Vimeo

Streaming works like Netflix or Youtube - You need an internet connection to view the video and it’s not stored on your device (great if you have limited storage space).

We offer all our streaming through Vimeo.  To access the streams, you’ll need to set up a free account with Vimeo (just like Youtube or iTunes) and enter the access code you receive with your purchase.


$139.99 $85

DVD + Digital Format

Digital Format

(Download & Streaming)

$219.99 $115

You Save 40% with this deal!

You Save 40% with this deal!


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