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A Future and Hope

In addition to the many free resources we offer online, we are also working to help out several orphans in Kenya who have been taken in by A Future and Hope. A lady named Kate Brooks is using my online lessons as an outline to teach the orphans how to tap dance. We've sent them some music, tap shoes, and t-shirts and you can watch the kids tapping below.

Hands 2 Help Inc

This wonderful organization in Florida is helping young ladies navigate their way to a successful future. We are proud to have donated some tap shoes to this great organization. Find out more about them at Hands 2 Help Inc.

They Dance for Rain

Stefanie Lynx Weber is spreading the joy of tap dance in Nairobi, Kenya. She travels there and teaches the kids to tap dance and provides them tap shoes and is starting a tap dance video library. United Taps is proud to have donated several videos to help expand their library. Find out more about them at They Dance for Rain.

Need Resources?

While our resources are limited, we would be happy to help out in other places too if we can. If you or someone you know needs a little help or resources to teach some disadvantaged kids how to tap, send us an email and we'll see what we can do.


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