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You get all the amazing features and benefits of the Basic Edition. Plus…

An awesome tap workout video that improves your tapping and works your body in all the right ways.

Our legendary Complete 315 Tap Dictionary/Syllabus which allows you to look up any step in an instant and see how to do it.

A complete piece of beginner choreography you can learn and perform anywhere. This allows you to take everything you’ve learned and put it all together for a real tap dance.

3 Super helpful tap dance guides that help you choose the best tap shoes, tap floor, and dance studio to take lessons at.

Dreams Come True Beginner Tap Dance Course - Best Deal Edition

$139.99 $85

Digital Format (Download & Streaming)

Send Me DVDs and the Digital Format - $219.99 $115

The workout video is a fun way to exercise.

You’re footwork will get better and your body and heart will become much stronger. You’ll also sleep better from giving your body a good workout during the day.

Never be lost or confused again with our Tap Dictionary!

Sometimes our memory just needs a little jump start to remember how to do a certain step or what the rhythm was. With our tap dictionary you’ll be able to look up that step in seconds and see exactly how to do it!

Purchased separately this would cost: $139.99

You Save 40% with this edition!

All the music from the lessons so if you ever just want to jam or work on a dance without the video in front of you, you can.

Put it all together with a complete beginner tap dance.

Once you’ve gone through all the lessons and done the workout it’s time for your big moment on stage (or in front of the mirror if you prefer). We have a complete piece of beginner choreography ready to go for you. We teach it nice and slow and review often as we go so you can really get all the steps and put them all together in the right order. When you do this choreography you will truly feel like you’re tap dancing!

Sometimes you just want to put some music on and tap.

You’re going to get the tap dance bug. You’ll find yourself tapping at the grocery store, at work, at home…everywhere! And sometimes you just want to put on the music and tap without a screen in front of your face. Well we’ve got you covered because you’ll be getting all the music used in all the lessons so you can do just that.

But what about tap shoes or a tap floor?

These are common questions every beginner asks. Some want helping choosing a local studio to tap at in addition to our course. We’ve got you covered in all cases with our 3 super helpful tap dance guides. We’ll help you pick the best tap shoes, best tap floor, and best local studio to tap dance at.

Grab this deal!

Join the more than 5000 people who have experienced the joy of tap dancing with Rod’s videos!

Dreams Come True beginner Tap Dance Course - Best Deal Edition

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$139.99 $85

Digital Format (Download & Streaming)

Send Me DVDs and the Digital Format - $219.99 $115

Purchased separately this would cost: $139.99

You Save 40% with this edition!

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