Level 1 Step - Cramp Roll

Level 4 Step - Double Traveling Time Step

Level 7 Step - Buffalo Scuffle


Complete 315 Tap Dance Dictionary

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Top 100 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus Tap Dance Dictionary & Syllabus

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What is it and how will it help me?

Video breakdowns of 315 tap steps.

Never get stuck in a choreography or teaching rut again with hundreds of steps at your fingertips offering you instant inspiration.

Keep things fresh - new steps keep both you and your students excited about tap. See student’s faces light up with every new step!

No more guessing how to do or count a step. This makes you a more confident teacher and increases students’ respect for you.

Written notes for the steps including counts (syllabus).

You get 2 sets of notes - One is in alphabetical order for finding a step super fast, the other is in syllabus order - so you never need to guess what you should teach next.

Learn alternate names for steps as well as the counts. This helps your students do better at master classes and conventions and reflects well on you!

Written notes make it even faster to find and review a step than having videos (but you’ll still have the videos when you need them).

You OWN it forever!

No expensive monthly subscriptions! Especially ones that keep charging you until you cancel (and no hassle trying to figure out how to cancel the darn thing).

Even if you lose or accidentally delete your content, we’ll give it back to you for FREE!

You can actually download the videos onto your devices and watch them without an internet connection and save your monthly data.


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