The ORIGINAL PORTABLE TAP DANCE FLOOR is offered exclusively from United Taps has worked closely with them to offer you $20 in savings (it’s increased since the video was made) when you use the coupon code UT (enter the code at the last part of the ordering process). We really like this product and think you will too.

After reviewing the floor we decided to work with to help our customers get the best deal possible on this great product.  Clicking on the button above takes you to where you can purchase the floor using our coupon code UT to save $20 (previously $15) off your order.

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Light weight & very portable.

$20 OFF when you use coupon code UT (at the end of the checkout process).


Cushioned to protect your back and joints.

Great tapping sound & the surface isn’t too slippery.

Portable Tap Floor

*United Taps does not sell this floor directly.


Original Portable Tap Floor

Birch Tap Floor

Birch Tap Floor

Buy at

$199.99 $169

United Taps


PO BOX 243, Simi Valley, CA 93062

Rod Howell

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