So how does this work? You’re going to get videos of 100 practice exercise combinations - one for every step in our Top 100 Tap Dictionary (we tried to choose some of the most popular steps from levels 1-4). Each step will get a short practice exercise combination (usually 32 counts) with a slow easy to follow breakdown. After each practice exercise combination is taught you’ll do the full combination from beginning to end at regular speed and then a little faster. You’ll also receive 2 PDF files with all the combinations and counts written out.

We highly recommend you also have our top 100 dictionary to make full use of this product. While the combinations are broken down, individual steps are not (that’s what the dictionary is for). For instance the buffalo practice exercise does NOT break down what a buffalo is.    

Also we want you to keep in mind that the purpose of these practice exercise combinations is to help you get better at each step in our tap dictionary in a more fun way than just repeating the same step over and over. In short, these aren’t made to be fancy pieces of choreography for stage but rather to give you a way to work on steps in a more entertaining way than just rote repetition.

All combinations ARE DONE ON BOTH RIGHT AND LEFT sides of a step when applicable (so a step like irish will be done on both right and left sides, but chugs on the other hand use both feet at once so there is no right and left side for those).

So is it an app? It’s not an app, it’s a collection of 100 videos. The updie of this is that you can use it on ANY device - iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Mac, etc. And not just a single device, but ALL of your devices. That’s a pretty good deal!

So how are the videos organized?  We split the 100 combinations into 4 different levels from lowest difficulty to highest (just like our tap dictionary/syllabus). So level 1 has simple combinations because they’re for simple steps. However the combinations for level 4 are more difficult because the level 4 tap steps are quite a bit harder. The PDF file you get with the list of combinations and their counts is arranged in the exact order we recommend doing the combinations (the same as our syllabus).

Are the combinations written out?  Yes and we even write out the counts for you! The written explanations are only available via PDF download (which you can then print).

Is it good for tap teachers? Tap teachers LOVE IT! It’s so great to have practice combinations for your class to do regardless of what level they are. It’s also helpful if you get stuck and need some ideas for patterns to work into your choreography.  

Is it good for tap students? It’s AMAZING for tap students. First of all it gives them a chance to practice steps in a more interesting way than just doing the same step over and over. It also helps them learn how to connect different steps together and to work both the right and left sides.

Should I buy this? We think you’ll be thrilled with the 100 Practice Exercise Combinations and we even offer a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  


“My son gave me his "old" iPod about 6 months ago and I thought the Dictionary/Syllabus would be perfect for the iPod. I wasn't disappointed. You have a real gift for communicating the essential components of a tap step or technique.”

- Howard from the USA

“I purchased your Dictionary and I absolutely love it. It's such a perfect idea because it's concise, to the point, and very well organized. Being a teacher myself, I appreciate your step by step teaching method.”

- Maria from the USA







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100 Practice Exercise combinations.

Videos organized alphabetically & by difficulty (4 different levels).

Great exercise that works your mind too!

A PDF file with the combinations & counts written out.



Practice 100 Tap Dance CombinationsPractice 100 Tap Dance Combinations

Practice 100

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Practice 315 Practice Exercise Combinations

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A Data Disc is a special type of DVD that can NOT be played in a DVD player. Instead you insert it into a computer and copy the video files it contains onto your computer’s hard drive. Think of it as a usb thumb drive in disc form.


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