Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus


I’m here to make teaching easier and to give you new ideas, fresh content, and lots of inspiration!

Below is an overview of our content and how it will make teaching easier and more fun!


It has completely overhauled and revamped our tap program and…unify our teachers. I appreciate you!”

-Eliese from the USA

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Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus


With the Practice 315 you’ll always have a practice combination ready for any step at any level!

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Practice 315 Practice Exercise Combinations Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus


material that is usable and and inventive and INVALUABLE. My students have SO enjoyed their tap classes over the last couple of years thanks to you!  :-)”

- Donna from the USA

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Buy Beginner Tap Dance Lessons

Video breakdowns of 315 tap steps.

Written notes of the steps including counts (syllabus).

Never get stuck in a choreography/teaching rut again with hundreds of steps at your fingertips offering you instant inspiration.

Inspire your students - see their faces light up when you teach them fun new steps!

Keep things fresh - new steps keep both you and your students excited about tap.

You get 2 sets of notes - one is in alphabetical order for finding a step super fast, the other is in syllabus order - so you never need to guess what you should teach next.

All the counts are written out for you so no more guessing about how to count a step.

Having written notes can make it even faster to find/review a step than having videos (but you’ll still have the videos when you need them).

You OWN it forever!

No expensive monthly subscriptions! You buy it, you own it forever.

You can put the videos on ALL your devices - no silly limits.

Videos of 315 practice exercise combinations.

Written notes including counts.

You’ll always have the perfect combination (32 counts) on hand for any step in our Complete 315 Tap Dictionary/Syllabus.

Massively shorten class prep time - instant combinations ready to go for ALL LEVELS.

Keep things fresh - new rhythms and patterns keep both you and the students interested.

You get 2 sets of notes - one is in alphabetical order for finding a combination super fast, the other is in syllabus order - so you know when to teach each combination.

All the counts are written out for you so you can get the rhythm in a glance.

Perfect for student challenges - write the combination and counts on the mirror and see if they can figure it out for themselves!

Yours to use and keep forever!

Forget about expensive monthly subscriptions! You buy it, you get to keep it forever.

Put the videos on any and all of your devices you like. No ridiculous limits.

Video lessons from beginners to int-advanced.

Written notes including counts.

Recharge yourself and your skills by re-igniting your passion for tap.

Get new material to keep teaching fresh and your students excited and challenged.

Learn the tips, tricks and strategies to fix all the common tap problems your students face.

You can use these like ready-made lesson plans - saving you the time and hassle of figuring out what to teach.

Learn how to progress your students in an organized way that gradually builds on each skill you teach them.

Counts are included which is a great tool for teaching your students how to count steps and combinations.

Purchase it once, keep it forever!

No annoying monthly subscriptions! Just buy it and keep it forever.

Put the videos on your phone, iPad, computer, TV - wherever you like without limits.

Complete 315 Tap Dictionary & Syllabus


“... I absolutely love your work. The dances are so much fun with great content and variation. Your direction is very clear and easy to follow.”

- Amanda from the USA

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Beginner Tap Dance Choreography

Complete routines on video broken down from behind.

Written notes including counts.

Save yourself time, energy, frustration and worry and use one of our professionally choreographed routines.

You can also use our choreography as inspiration by taking sections here and there and incorporating them into your own pieces.

Expand your students’ horizons by challenging them with steps and rhythm patterns they’re not used to doing.

No more trying to remember what you choreographed last week or arguments about what the footwork was.

Get the rhythm in a glance by looking at the counts for each step.

Give the notes to your students so there’s no excuse for not practicing!

Forever yours!

You buy it, you keep it. No monthly subscriptions here.

Have the choreography on hand on any of your electronic devices or access it from the cloud.


“I feel like Rod's album’s are different and I like it. I can say they're amazing because you feel like just standing up and tapping when you listen to them.”

- Orlando from Mexico

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Buy Tap Dance Music

Unique and original music.

Yours to keep!

Get out of your music rut and spark students’ interest by playing some fresh new tunes.

The rhythms of the music will lead you to create new and innovative rhythm patterns that you and your students will enjoy.

Fresh music gives you a fresh state of mind which spawns new ideas and creativity.

No subscription needed for this - just buy and download.

No limits on how many devices you can put the music on.


Package deals that SAVE YOU MONEY!

Save money by combining lessons, music, the dictionary, choreography and more.

Swap out duplicate dictionaries for choreography if you order more than one large deal.

Buy 4 large deals and get the Practice 315 for half price (I have to do this manually so just email me after the purchase and I’ll refund you for half the cost of the Practice 315).

I’m always here for you.

I’ve been doing this a long time and I work hard to make your customer experience the best I can.  I value my customers and make sure they’re taken care of.

I’m happy to help you in any way I can whether it has to do with how to teach a step, what steps to teach, ideas for fun games in class, or other things like choosing flooring or tap shoes.

Although it’s not likely, if you ever encounter a problem I will make it right. If you ever ask for a refund you will get one promptly, not the runaround. I take good care of my customers and fellow tap teachers.

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